Fire and Rescue

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Services

River Rescue

All files are in a .doc format (unless otherwise shown), and in alphabetical order.

Test Sheets & Training Packets

     Checkoff Packets
          Driver Training Tow Vehicles
          RRATS Orientation
          SWBC Cover Page
          SWBC Taskbook
          SWBC task tracking
          SWBO Cover Page
          SWBO Taskbook
          SWBO task tracking

     Test Sheets - Airboat Operator

     Test Sheets - Boat Operator
          SWBO Area
          SWBO Cover Page
          SWBO Taskbook
          SWBO task tracking

     Test Sheets - Rope

     Test Sheets - Swiftwater Rescue Specialist
          NAPA JPR's
          SWBC Cover Page
          SWBC Taskbook
          SWBC task tracking
          After Incident Report-Blank.doc
          Assignment sheet.doc
          Available off duty sheet.doc
          Available on duty sheet.doc
          Blank RRATS memo.doc
          Cold Water Rescue Sling.pdf
          Drysuit measurment form.pdf
          Drysuit sizing chart.pdf
          Incident Command form, back.pdf
          Incident Command form.pdf
          Lesson Plan Template.doc
          Operations reminders.doc
          PPE Inventory
          Potomac River Access Damage Survey.doc
          Pre-deployment guidlines.doc
          SWRT ICS 212 v3.xlsx
          SWRT Incident Response Report Form.url
          Special Ops Membership.url
          Swiftwater Team Organizational Chart v3.pdf
          Training Calendar 2017.doc
          Training Topics.doc
          Training evaluation.doc
          Victim ID sheet.doc
          Victim location sheet.doc

          Daily Operations Guidelines
          Inventory change
          New Members
          Potomac River Training Areas
          Pre-Deployment Operations
          Response Operational Guidelines
          SWT Flood Deployment Guidelines
          Training Policy
          Training time

Running Routes
          CO Canal Place Names - alphabetical
          CO Canal Place Names - by mile marker
          DC to Seneca Water sites
          Lakes and Lake Access Mont
          MCFR Potomac Gorge Search _ Rescue Atlas 2017
          North of Seneca & other water sites
          Potomac Gorge Atlas - Index and Legend
          Potomac Gorge Atlas Complete
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 01-5
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 06-10
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 11-15
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 16-20
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 21-25
          Potomac Gorge S&R Atlas - Map 26-29
          Street Flooding Battalion 1
          Street Flooding Battalion 2
          Street Flooding Battalion 3
          Street Flooding Battalion 4
          Street Flooding Battalion 5
          Street Flooding all Battalions

Predeploy Info
          Assignment sheet
          Available Off Duty
          Available On Duty
          Flood Ops
          Predeployment Operations